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True love

Being able to look right at someone, someone I’ve been with for years, someone I have a baby with, and say “I’m afraid of commitment” and have him just love me in return…that’s where it’s at.



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Fowl Language Comics by Brian Gordon
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This may be the first time in my life I actually didn’t flinch away from an image of a spider.

Kid in the background:
Camera! Quick, hide this embarrassing toy!


oh lawd

"It’s sad to see a man of generally good character in the dock for such a serious offence.

"I do not regard you as a classic rapist. I do not think you are a general danger to strangers. You are not the type who goes searching for a woman to rape.

"This was a case where you just lost control of normal restraint."

"It was almost out of the blue that two girls turned up late at night, very, very drunk, at your home.

"The victim was the worst for drink out of the two of them. She was completely out of it. I accept that evidence.

"She was a pretty girl who you fancied. You simply could not resist. You had sex with her."

Judge Michael Mettyear, to convicted rapist Lee Setford during sentencing, for which he received 5 years in jail for raping an unconscious woman in his home.

Imagine the same type of apologistic statements being told by a judge to someone convicted of robbing people on the street…

"It was almost out of the blue that a wealthy couple turned up late at night, with expensive phones and full wallets, outside your home."
"I do not regard you as a classic robber.  I do not think you are a general danger to strangers. You are not the type who goes searching for a person to rob."
"She was a wealthy woman whose handbag you wanted. You simply could not resist. You had to rob her."

Rape culture is the fact that no other crime would be treated with such dismissiveness of the seriousness of the act. 

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On the morning of September 4, 1957, fifteen-year-old Dorothy Counts set out on a harrowing path toward Harding High, where-as the first African American to attend the all-white school – she was greeted by a jeering swarm of boys who spat, threw trash, and yelled epithets at her as she entered the building.

Charlotte Observer photographer Don Sturkey captured the ugly incident on film, and in the days that followed, the searing image appeared not just in the local paper but in newspapers around the world.

People everywhere were transfixed by the girl in the photograph who stood tall, her five-foot-ten-inch frame towering nobly above the mob that trailed her. There, in black and white, was evidence of the brutality of racism, a sinister force that had led children to torment another child while adults stood by. While the images display a lot of evils: prejudice, ignorance, racism, sexism, inequality, it also captures true strength, determination, courage and inspiration.

Here she is, age 70, still absolutely elegant and poised.

she deserves to be re-blogged. 

she’s so goddamned inspirational

this makes me want to cry


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when ur left alone in an unfamiliar room


when you’re left alone in ANY room

Don’t speak unless you can improve upon the silence.

an old Quaker saying (via azspot)

Deep down inside I’m a Quaker.

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For every time a gun in the home was used in a self-defense or legally justifiable shooting, there were four unintentional shootings, seven criminal assaults or homicides, and 11 attempted or completed suicides.

You cant really blame guns on suicide, come on thats undeniable

Yes I Can. It turns out that there is often a very small window for suicidal thoughts to manifest into action…that if you can’t figure out a way to kill yourself in  a 10 minute window, you’ll wise up and figure out how to make it through. This is indicative of the biochemical nature of depression…it isn’t really about how you’re feeling or what’s happening in your life, it’s biochemical disease that can be treated with medication. 

It is extremely important (especially if there are young people in the home) that there is no way for them to get access to a gun in that 10 minute window. If there is a key and they can find it, you are putting your family at risk because severe depression can often have a very sudden onset.

Access to a gun triples your chances of death by suicide. To be clear, it does not increase the chances of suicide by gun, it increases the chances of self-inflicted death of any kind.

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25 feminist American history lessons they don’t teach in school

These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Read the full detailed listFollow policymic

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